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Audiovisual technology changes quickly. What's hot in home theater systems one year is worse than passe the next. This presents a challenge for companies in that sector: how to prepare marketing materials that endure, without ever looking dated?

So when Anderson Video Partners came to Milestone and asked us to build their website and create a brochure, we understood the challenge. Working with Anderson, we not only designed a look and feel that implies cutting-edge technology without being dependent on any particular technology, we also developed a marketing position that emphasizes the concept of “total customer satisfaction,” the company's guiding philosophy.

"Milestone Marketing has truly been a pleasure to work with and has been a vital aspect of my company’s marketing efforts for several years now.  Each project we have under taken has far exceeded my expectations – the attention to detail, grasp of the big picture and overall creativity has been top notch!"
Luke Anderson, Owner/Partner
Audio Video Partners

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