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Software Business Experience and Construction Industry Knowledge Sets Milestone Apart


Milestone's perspective on solving marketing problems comes from 15 years selling software to contractors.

In the software business, the product is never finished. With each release, the cycle of research & development, quality assurance, product launch, and customer feedback starts fresh. No industry is static, but the rate of change is much faster in software because of how quickly technology evolves [Moore’s Law].

In the construction industry, the process is set in stone. The Construction Specifications Institute [CSI] sets standards for building construction and materials. This includes everything from excavation and grading, concrete and paving, masonry and framing, to drywall and roofing, etc.

What is the similarity between software and construction? Nothing can happen without building some relationships. There is a necessary give-and-take between different people.

In software, engineers work with salespeople, support techs with users, etc. In construction, a similar intrinsic partnership exists between architects and engineers, and contractors.

It is through this lens, a unique perspective that comes from construction industry knowledge and software business ownership experience, that Milestone builds brands differently.


Milestone Develops Comprehensive Annual Marketing Plans After Studying Businesses


Milestone's approach is unique. At the end of the day Milestone sells expert advice and professional marketing services on an hourly basis, much like any other consulting firm, but the beginning of the process is unlike other service providers.

For a relatively small investment of $1,500, Milestone will spend six hours meeting with the business owner over three strategic planning sessions.

Following a step-by-step agenda, each session is designed to delve deeper into the business. From setting sales goals and defining target markets, to differentiating your brand and budgeting for growth, the primary objective of the planning sessions is to align your marketing investment with your sales goals.


Comprehensive Annual Marketing Plans Comprised of Three Categories:

Print Marketing involves advertising and branding, collateral materials, and public relations.

Web Marketing refers to company websites, email campaigns, social media, and video production.

Event Marketing includes face-to-face activities like membership associations and trade shows.

Retainer marketing services require an annual contract with a minimum of 10 hours per month at $125 per hour totaling $15,000 per year.


Tap into Milestone’s team of marketing professionals for a fraction of the cost of a single employee. Associates have decades of experience providing strategic planning, copywriting, graphic design, web development, and project management.